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Some Insight...

While the history of HBCUs extends back before the Civil War and has long been depicted in novels like Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, much of the country was introduced to the life on a predominantly black campus in the late 80s. The Cosby Show's spinoff A Different World was centered around a fictional Hillman College. The series featured depicted a familiar HBCU culture with students bolstering different personalities and their "Dear Mother" or Alma Mater. That love was infectious.

Today the essence of the HBCU culture is popularized through films like Drumline and Stomp the Yard and heard throughout the music of popular artist like Kanye West. An HBCUs pride is packed with traditions that that distinguishes this culture from that of majority-white schools. Historical fraternities and sororities as well as show-style marching bands offer just a peek into the HBCU experience. However, it is once-a-year HBCU Homecoming week that truly separates an Historical Black College & University from the pack.

The HBCU Homecoming experience is like no other event. It is a family friendly environment that is celebrated by returning alumni, friends, family and community. For many, this is a time where parents join their college student(s) and pass down the moments that made them fall in love with their institutions. For others, its is truly a time to party, enjoy all of the festivities an HBCU has to offer.

Many notable celebrities have attended HBCUs such as Tom Joyner (Tuskegee University), Rickey Smiley (Alabama A&M), NASA's Katherine Johnson (Howard University) and the Black Panther himself Chadwick Boseman, (Howard University). HBCUs have influenced many markets throughout business and sports, arts and entertainment. Shedding its lights on some of the worlds biggest stages like Coachella Music Festival where Beyonce devoted an entire performance to it rich history.




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Honda Battle

of The Bands

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Meac vs. Swac

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The Challenge...

HBCU homecoming weeks can boost economies by millions of dollars. HBCU-related events have the potential to economically stimulate institutions and the economically generate opportunities for the local, regional and national businesses within the surrounding communities.  HBCUs are a hub of Black intellectual capitalism and with increased competition for college students, the challenge of fundraising and limited donations have become a constant struggle that many campuses know all too well.


The Approach...

Encoreable will present itself to be an HBCU advocate. Our teammates will work closely with campus representative, alumni and local contributors using our industry knowledge and expertise to evaluate, document and create strategies that raises awareness, positively affect enrollment, strengthen alumni engagement, connect with millennials and draw partnerships from leading national brands.

At the core of Encoreable is the understanding of rich tradition and the invaluable history of every Historical Black Campus and how that resonates with the culture, community and big brands. Ultimately, we will create activations that draw influence, transform and engage the HBCU market. Data collected will be used to analyze the success and failure of on-site and online activations, social media relativity and physical engagement.

The Activations...

In 2016, Encoreable was tasked to created a Homecoming event that would engage a massive incoming audience. After analyzing metrics including past events and its available data, expected crowd sizes, ticket costs, budgeting and venue specifications we were able to fulfill the request by delivering the Rickey Smiley and Friends Comedy Show. 

Rickey Smiley is a nationally syndicated morning radio show host. Combining comedy with the Alumni's initiative to raise funding for future scholars 

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