With superb design, world class entertainment, mouthwatering cuisine— every menu and detail is crafted by our incredibly creative teammates. We’ve reinvented and reimagined the ultimate corporate holiday party experience, so that every moment is unforgettable.


We know what employees want to experience. We understand the impact of a company showing appreciation without complicating their agendas or blowing their budgets.

Click below to consult with one of our teammates or keep scrolling to discovery what makes Encoreable your Holiday Party Headquarters.

Motivate. Celebrate. Reward.

Make the most of your corporate event. Maximize motivation and excitement amongst your team and guests.


Encoreable has been trusted by corporations, universities and organizations to deliver events that are attractive and engaging. Our productions include world class entertainment and incredible dining experiences that celebrate the ending of a year well deserved and marks the starting point as motivation for the next.


And remember don't let your guests leave empty handed, reward them with a memory of the event that will forever keep them talking! Our teammates are exceptional at assisting in gifting, so make sure you inquire.


Encoreable can quickly, easily, and confidently execute spectacular, fully customized events that are sure to engage your team and guests.

From dramatic amphitheaters and massive stadium size venues to private houseboats and yachts, Encoreable has developed long-lasting relationships with venues all over the globe with capabilities that will enhance and transform the way your team and guests experience your holiday party.


The Venues

Destination or In-Office

The only challenge is choosing. Our production teammates are equally experienced in transforming your campuses as well as destinations. There's truly no limitations to what we can do.

Our Teammates

Encoreable teammates are there from pre and post-production. Our teammates are architects, interior designers, production engineers, and  consultants who understands paying extra attention to detail and setting the expectation for exceptional service.

Customized Experience

A brief consultation with our teammates will start the process to the best in holiday parties. The key is in the details. Our teammates prepare a comprehensive plan that is designed to meet all of your organization and entertainment needs.

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