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The prodution company behind Suntrust's Banks first-time Super Bowl movement.
Suntrust Banks: Digital & content, Event & experiential marketing, Influencer Campaigns, Press & influencer Events

The Challenge...

SunTrust is a leading regional financial institution focused on the Southeast, with products and services for consumers, small business owners, commercial executives and high-net-worth investors.

SunTrust faced a challenge tapping into a new demographic—the millennials between ages 25 and 34 who face financial difficulty.

Building a relationship to ensure financial confidence for this demographic requires a different approach than for a traditional client base.


So SunTrust launched the onUp Movement.


Some Insight...

There’s was no better time to talk about money. Such a discussion had become a truly uncomfortable experience. The mentality had to change, and people needed to be empowered to move from stress to confidence. But what does that really mean? It the steps one would take to gain control over their money and what matters most to their family. Suntrust Bank answered this call to action by becoming a purpose-driven company. Coaching the world and lighting the way to financial well-being; Suntrust's wanted to make sure they lead the way on enabling families to live that every day.


The Challenge...

• Conceptualize and produce a multi-venue tour with a variety of touch points that engages guest and clearly delivers and defines the event's primary message.

• Begin the campaign internally with intent an setting Super Bowl size event to introduce a Super Bowl 50 ad that harnesses pride for employees.

• Measure and deliver valuable data and analytics to client.

The Concept...

Tasked to deliver a hybrid of Simon Sinek's TED talks and American Idol, it was just as important to Suntrust Bank to capture the movement's message internally as it would be delivered on Super Bowl Sunday. Our goal was to engage every business partner, board of director and associate through their passion areas.

We casted, produced and broadcasted the first tri-state tour of the Suntrust onUP Movement which featured concerts, motivational speakers and special guest.








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