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We’re a group of culture and lifestyle professionals building the ultimate brand and fan experiences for our partners and CPG clients. Best known our activations that captivate attention, influence opinion, and change market behaviors.


We help big brands connect with people through passion areas of arts and entertainment to music, sports and lifestyle. 


Our Culture

Our Passion

Our People

If Encoreable is happy, then our clients are happy and their customers are happy - a reciprocating experience.
Our clients pay for skill but they deserve a team that's dedicated to bringing their visions to life.
Encoreable DNA consists of multi-channel, multi-cultural, multi-disciplined, multi-talented people.
Ryan McDonald
Managing Partner, CEO 

Ryan accepted the challenge of managing corporate direction and strategy for Encoreable. His duties to the company's activity range from consulting, sales, marketing, alliances and channels, and support. He is also responsible for Encoreable’s service to specific markets and industries such as financial services, consumer products, government, telecommunications, colleges and universities with solutions designed to help solve the most complex marketing and engagement problems.

Ryan works to share Encoreable's strategy and vision with customers, partners, shareholders, and investors.

Lyle Sheppard
Managing Partner, CCA

Lyle is a Managing Partner/ Chief Corporate Architect at Encoreable. He drives market and architecture decisions across all Encoreable services to ensure that the Encoreable brand is consistent with Encoreable's overall strategy. Experienced in manufacturing, logistics, financial and call center verticals, Lyle is responsible for Encoreable's implementation of industry best practices in sales, client facing efficiencies, analytics, recruiting efforts and more.  

Lyle brings a  wealth  of  sales  and  management  knowledge to  Encoreable and for 20  years  he  has  led companies with sustainable  growth  in key industries.   

Richard Mathis, III
Managing Partner, COO

Richard has more than 17 years of experience leading development, services, support, and consulting, in event production. As Chief Operating Officer some of Richard's key contributions to Encoreable's operation development includes event technology, event marketing, venue sourcing, artist and talent booking and production management to campaign creation.

As a leader and veteran in the event production industry, Richard has the knowledge and experience to create landscapes that influence audiences and captivating opinions. His deep understanding of client's needs and visions grants him the ability to address their goals with solutions that win.

Kevin Hubbard
Executive Vice President, Corporate Sales

Kevin leads the corporate charge of business development for Encoreable. He is responsible for Encoreable's events-as-a-service and go-to-market strategy and execution.

Kevin brings extensive management expertise to Encoreable. Prior to joining the company, he was President/Principal-CIP Consulting Group LLC & T.A.S.K.S Global Response Systems Business Development/Sales & Marketing where he developed product strategy, business development, and sales.

Kerri Leland
Director of Marketing
Eric Jackson
Director of Production
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