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The Challenge...

In 2016, the Encoreable teammates were tasked to deliver a first of its kind music festival. A music festival that combined faith, music, food and technology.


The Break N’ Waves (BNW) concept required Encoreable to create an exciting experience that would fit in with the energy of college students Spring Break culture and truly provide diverse and immersive activations that would spark an audiences attention.


For many college students, Spring Break is a monumental rite of passage. Its a popular time when students invade popular beach destinations in search of the hottest parties and concerts, spending a week-long vacation finding and celebrating their true independence.


Today, offenders have found Spring Break to be an opportunity to prey on many celebrating this independence as well as the communities who serve and welcome these students.


While there is no festival that can stop the amid threats, Break N’ Waves aims at providing a music festival experience and environment that uses the latest in technology to foster a safe place for spring breakers to enjoy their Spring Break.



Who's Attending Break N' Waves Music Festival

Anticipated Attendance

25,000 College Students

Anticipated 6M Impressions

500K Social Media


Encoreable creative teammates conceptualize, design and produce every aspect of the festival experience. They work tirelessly collaborating with festival partners, sponsors on activations and budgeting to ensure that their vision is not only captured but the results are measured beyond their expectation. The 3D mapping shows the Break N' Waves site on Pensacola Beach and the proposed layout the festival grounds.


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